Reasons Why Maihar Devi Temple Is Most Famous In Jaunpur

Maihar Devi Temple after Goddess Sharada is also named Saraswati. She is the Goddess of knowledge. She empowers intelligence, mind, wisdom and logic. She enables one to fulfill one’s ambition in life by the dint of her ability of knowledge.

According to the locals of Maihar, the combatants Alha and Udal, who had battled with Prithvi Raj Chauhan, were incredibly powerful followers of Sharda Devi. It is asserted that they are the first ones to visit the goddess in this remote wilderness. They named the mother goddess by the name ‘Sharda Mai’, and hereafter she became prominent as ‘Mata Sharda Mai’. Alha cherished for 12 years and got the amaratva with the miracles of Sharda Devi. Behind the temple and downhill is Alha Pond. At a distance of 2 km from this pond is positioned an ‘akhara’ (wrestling ring) where Alha and Udal used to practice kushti (wrestling). The people of Maihar believe that Alha is still existing and comes at 4 am in the dawn to worship the Goddess Sharda.


There once existed two brothers( two warriors to be more precise) who none could win against. They are immortals and live among us even today and some assert that they have become one in death but others declare that they are still two people. Whatever be the real tale, the truth is that they are the most favoured devotees of Maihar Devi who does not ratify the offerings from anyone, not from the priests, not from the big people of the village or country, not anyone at all,before Alha and Udal have offered their prayers, lit the diya and performed the aarti. Such is the power of their bhakti.

When Alha and Udal lived there was no one in the whole world who dared challenge them in a sword fight. The saying was that ‘talwar bhi unse haar man gayi’ (even the sword acknowledged defeat at their prowess and courage). They combated against kings and were the most renowned fighters in their region. Even Prithviraj Chouhan was no match for them. They were commanders in the army of Raja Parimal of Chandel (Rajasthan) and one day Prithviraj Chauhan decided that he had to ascertain his supremacy over all the kings of the region and took off to fight against Chandel. The brothers fought like lions and in the procedure, Udal was bruised which angered Alha so much that he ravaged the entire army and supervised to bring Prithviraj Chauhan to his knees. As he was about to abridge his head, the Devi seemed and told him that he should spare the existence of the man in front of him because he would alter the lives of many people from his tribe. Alha who had drawn his sword out by then bowed to the devi’s desires and cut off his own head instead. For this sacrifice ,the biggest sacrifice of all according to our tradition – Alha and his brother were made immortal. And today it is announced that in the temple of the device which is at Maihar, when the entrances open at 4 in the morning, a lamp is lit, there are fresh flowers at her feet and the water has been replenished in the bowl beside her. The brothers have offered their prayers because without their donation, the devil will not accept anything from anybody else.


About Devi Sharda Temple

Devi Sharda Temple is one of the most celebrated and famous Temples in Jaunpur. It is positioned at Olandganj St near to Bankers Colony, Parmanatpur, Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh state. This extraordinary Hindu Shrine is dedicated to Goddess- Sharda and is outstanding as- Maa Sharda Shakti Peeth among the local people. The temple is beautifully engraved with designs and dissertations on its inner walls. Various other Goddess shrines are established in the main sanctum- sanctorum. The temple is also famous as- Sheetala Chaukia Dham Mandir Jaunpur in Jaunpur. Navratri and Basant- Panchami Festivals are commemorated with much fervour and exhibit every year.

Navratri is a prominent Festival of Goddess Durga which is identified by Hindus with great pomp around the world. It is commemorated every year for Nine days and often ends with Ram-Navmi on the 10th Day. People visit this famed Goddess- Pilgrimage on many other popular occasions and accomplish various Pooja with a set of rituals.

 Temple of Maihar Devi in Jaunpur

Having River Saraswati quoted after Goddess Maa Sharda, another phrase of Goddess Saraswati, is believed to be the divine consort of Lord Brahma. She is popularly recognized as Maihar Wali Devi in the northern states including Madhya Pradesh, Vaishno Devi and J&K.Maa Sharda Shakti Peeth, popularly known as the temple of Maihar Devi, is positioned in Maihar or Mehar, Jaunpur. This is the place where the right breast of Goddess Sati is declared to have fallen when Lord Shiva travelled the world clasping the dead body of his dedicated wife; hence, the name given to the temple by the people. Another tale explains that the necklace of dead Goddess Sati fell here; and hence the name given to the place, Mai Haar, implying the necklace of mother. The temple is established in Parmanpur, in Jaunpur district. A flight of 900 stairs will put up with you to the temple. The local people speculate that the temple was built by someone who had a nightmare in which Goddess Maihar instructed him to construct the temple.

Accommodation: The temple has a Dharamshala in its premises which furnishes accommodation for the visitors.

Timings: The temple is available for the visitors throughout the year, but the two Navratris captivate the devotees in large numbers.The foundation day of the temple is commemorated every year on 4th March.

Visiting hours of the temple are 6:30am to 1pm and 2pm-8pm.

Temple of Maihar Devi in Jaunpur Address: Shri Maa Sharda Shakti Peeth, Maa Sharda Shaktipeeth St, Bankers Colony, Parmanatpur, Olandganj, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The Takeaway

To sustain wealth and prosperity, wisdom is essential; and to develop wealth, knowledge is must. One must visit the Devi Maa Sharda Temple or Maihar Devi Mandir to seek blessing of the goddess.